Greetings! I’m Tracey Moody, a visual artist and writer by day, and actually, that’s what I am by night too. The work I do primarily is for the advancement of science and skepticism. Since entering my 30s, I’ve come to a place where there’s no distinction between work and play, and for that I’m grateful.

With the exception of the internet machine, I live a fairly antiquated lifestyle and try to make an effort to connect with the colors, sounds, and textures of nature as much as possible. Among my hobbies and interests are drawing, plant care, art and science museums, travel, math, analog photography, trail hiking, moss and mushroom hunting, reading (science, space, philosophy, poetry, and sci-fi), collecting peculiar rocks and bones, and I might as well throw in the kitchen sink.

I’ve created this website as a landing to bring together the various projects I work on, as well as a place to share my personal stories and thoughts in a way that I hope will find familiar readers.

I live in a cozy Nashville apartment with my two pet shrimp, whose names I keep forgetting and having to rename.